(Type:Multi-function Beauty Equipment,laser,no-needle Mesotherapy Device,vacuum Cavitation System,cryolipolysis Certification:Ce )
  • Weight Management (Valeshape) For Sale
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  • Type:Multi-function Beauty Equipment,laser,no-needle Mesotherapy Device,vacuum Cavitation System,cryolipolysis
  • Certification:Ce
  • Place Of Origin:Beijing China (mainland)
  • Brand Name:Fbl
  • Model Number:Valeshape
  • Color:White
  • Output Pressure:0-100kpa
  • Cooling Device Output Temperature:-5°c To +5°c
  • Warranty:1 Year
  • Function:Body Slimming,skin Lifting
powerful quick fat reduction
Cavitation+Lipo laser+Cryolipolysis=3 in 1
no anesthesia,no down time
pain-free,no invision

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During the procedure, patients can remain comfortable and can read, listening to music and simply relax.

Most patients are able to return to work as soon as the treatment is over.


Weight Management (Valeshape) For Sale




1.  Cavitation+Lipo laser+Cryolipolysis=3 in 1 combined

2.  Zerona laser lipo slimming combine with cryotherapy cool sculpting system

3.  the current newest non-surgical medical cosmetic technologies

4.  It is a non-invasive treatment with a comfortable process

5. Vacuum: The vacuum can increase blood circulation and promote cell metabolism

6. Effective for weight loss, fat reduction, cellulite reduction, body lifting, etc.

7. Easy operate, relaxed treatment

8. High efficiency




This system uses 650nm laser to destroy deep layer fat cell by breaking the cell membrane, which will leave body by metabolism.





A advanced technology for removing unwanted fat by frozening target area to make the triglyceride, main thing of fat tissue, turn to solid. Then it will be out of body by metabolism gradually. It is a easy way to remove fat from abnomen, love handles and back.



Ultrasound cavitation


Strong sound wave of 40000HZ bubbles and explodes making the fat cell dissolved. Finally, fat of target area leave body by urine.








Technique parameters


Screen10 inch wide color touch scree
Power ConsumptionUnder 600W
Cooling Device Output Temperature5 to -5 degree
Cooling Device Output Pressure0-100Kpa
Cooling LiquidPure Water
Default Working Time0-90min
Fuse SizeF2AL250V
Ambient Temperature5 degree-40 degree
Relative Humidityless than 80%
Atmosphcric Pressure86Kpa-106Kpa

CE Certificate



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